excavator brush cutter
standard duty excavator brush cutter

                            X-treme Duty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Standard Duty

Excavator Brush Cutter

With our CID excavator brush cutter, you will clear dense brush and trees up to 3″ in diameter with the long lasting AR400 steel blades. The small size easily maneuvers in tight spaces at a job site, around buildings, fence lines or on your property. We have three different motor and gearbox combinations to achieve the highest torque available while maintaining a proven blade tip speed ideal for your operating machine.  X-treme Duty Picture Shown With Optional Knee.

Excavator Brush Cutter Specs.

   X-treme Duty

  • Cut trees up to 3″ in diameter.
  • AR400 steel blades.
  • 14-20 gpm, 20-26 gpm, or 24-30 gpm

Standard Duty

  • Cut trees up to 2″ in diameter.
  • 2 blades with stump jumper.
  • 12-17 gpm or 17-24 gpm.
  • Debri chain optional.

Excavator Brush Cutter Protection

Our Excavator BrushCutter are powder coated  and all hoses come with protective sleeves to give the attachment the best protection. All CID attachments are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. This warranty starts from the initial sale, lease or rental date. For full warranty information you can click here. → Warranty Information Page

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Excavator BrushCutter – By CID Attachments

Excavator Brush Cutter Specs
excavator brush cutter spec
Excavator Brush Cutter Specs
standard excavator cutter spec