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One of our most popular and highest rated attachments, our Heavy Duty Auger Drives are available for skid steers and tractors with universal quick attachment plates with a standard or side shift mount. CID Auger Drives feature a planetary gear drive second to none in North America, completely eliminating the common issue of shaft pullout. High torque output means CID augers power through tough earth conditions and can handle rock auger bits for extreme earth conditions. X-Treme reliability an an affordable price! Specs: Continuous pressure rating of 3K PSI, intermittent: 4K PSI; self-levelling. Bit sizes up to: 48″ INCH; Hooks Up To: 2″ Hex for intense digging applications.

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Machine Width: N/A
Machine Height: N/A
Machine Length: N/A
Wheelbase: N/A
Operating Weight: N/A
Tipping Load: N/A
Operating Capacity: N/A
Operating Capacity (50%): N/A
Hydraulic Horsepower (Standard Flow): N/A
Hydraulic Horsepower (High Flow): N/A

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